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There’s no such thing as ˜reasonable suspicion’ of immigrants

Ana Christina DaSilva Iddings,  My path to the United States, 20 years ago, was far less traumatic than that of the 52,000 unaccompanied children from Central America who have arrived at the southern U.S. border since October. Since many of these children don’t qualify for asylum, immigration officials move them to detention centers — after

What Is The Illuminati? List Of Celebrities Who Rep The Occult Sign And More [PHOTOS]

You’ve heard the rumors for years, and thanks to newly generated buzz, the gossip continues about celebrities and “the Illuminati.” On Monday, Yahoo News posted a story with photographic “proof” of celebrities that have raised suspicions about their connections to the secretive group. From Jay Z and wife Beyonce, to Madonna, Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna,

Large die-off of Alaska seabirds from disease never found before in state history

Official: It’s super, super common… except it’s first time — Hundreds dead per km²; Continued to wash ashore — ‘Relatively’ natural; Witness: Head flopped backward, appeared to have seizure, then dropped dead (AUDIO) Anchorage Daily News: Hundreds of dead sea birds found on the beaches of St. Lawrence Island were the victims of Alaska’s first

China’s Trojan Horse: Cruise Ship Converted to Transport Military Troops, Tanks, & Equipment

The Intel Hub CHINA — A cruise ship has been transformed into ominous modern day Trojan Horse, ready to fully invade by way of stealth. What are the Chinese up to? Wired reports; The media freaked out about China’s crappy aircraft carrier and hyperventilated over the J-20 stealth fighter. But China’s newest addition to its

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney duel over rising college expenses

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama would make tax credits for college expenses permanent and expand Pell grants for students from lower-earning families. The Republican team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would emphasize the need to curb rising tuitions and federal education spending that are burdening families and the government. The different approaches to coping