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An FBI-Investigated Islamist Takes Over the Vermont Democrats

Daniel Greenfield, A Norquist Islamist reinvents himself as a Bernie leftist. Vermont Democrats have something else to celebrate besides the creation and failure of the first statewide socialized medicine system in America. Recovering from that glorious triumph, Vermont Democrats have elected their first Muslim state party chairman. The lucky fellow is Faisal Gill who called

Actually, 9th Circuit Judges, 72 Terrorists Have Come From Those 7 Banned Countries

Joseph Curl, President Trump has been blasted in the media for having the temerity to protect Americans with a temporary travel ban on immigrants from seven of the worst terrorist hotbeds in the world.   And San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit court of appeals ruled against Trump’s travel ban, saying, “The government has pointed to no

Trump mounts public defense of immigration order, blasts ‘political’ courts

President Trump on Wednesday brought the legal dispute over his immigration executive order into the court of public opinion, using a Washington law enforcement address to mount an urgent defense of the measure and urge the federal courts to reinstate it.  At a meeting with local sheriffs and police chiefs, the president said he issued

United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest

Michael Snyder, Rioting and violence can ultimately lead to widespread civil unrest and calls for “revolution” It doesn’t take much of a trigger to push extremely large crowds of very angry protesters into committing acts of rioting and violence.  And rioting and violence can ultimately lead to widespread civil unrest and calls for “revolution”.  The

Report: 20 Alleged Terrorists From Countries Listed on Trump Order Entered US Since 2014

Amanda Prestigiacomo, On Friday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order pausing immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, much to the fake tear-filled complaints of Democrats calling the temporary ban un-American (it’s not) and arguing that the order targeted all the wrong countries.  But according to a report from The Daily Caller, there have been at least 20

Some Muslim-American activists back Trump’s extreme vetting

Not all Muslim-Americans reject President Trump’s executive order restricting travel from seven troubled, Muslim-majority nations. Amid widespread protests and a federal lawsuit filed by the Council for American-Islamic Relations, a handful of Muslim activists say the president was right to order the sudden imposition of strict and targeted travel regulations. “It’s not a ban on

Sen. Chris Murphy Wants ‘No Screening’ for Immigrants, More Gun Control

AWR Hawkins, During a January 30 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) criticized President Trump’s immigration suspension and said he would rather see a move toward “no screening” and the passage of more gun control. Murphy claimed that the U.S. has ISIS “on its heels,” and the suspension of immigration from Iran, Iraq,

Understanding Trump’s Refugee Order

Brendan Kirby, President Trump on Friday signed an executive order indefinitely halting the Syrian refugee program, barring all refugees for 120 days and prohibiting entry of all residents from certain high-risk countries for 90 days. At a ceremony swearing-in Defense Secretary James Mattis, Trump said the suspension would allow time to improve procedures to screen

Trump defends order for visa crackdown, refugee halt: ‘We can’t take chances’

President Donald Trump defended his forthcoming executive orders that are expected to suspend the United States’ refugee program and halt the issuing of visas to citizens of certain countries, saying, “We can’t take any chances.” “Right now, the FBI has over 1,000 terrorism investigations going on … and these are people that we let in,”

Hey illegals, start packing your bags!

Todd Starnes, Grab a shovel, America — President Trump is about to build that wall. The White House on Wednesday rolled out a series of executive actions on immigration and border security – designed to restore American sovereignty – an issue I address in my new book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again.”

Obama administration stiff-arms lawmakers questioning secret refugee deal

Nearly 2,500 refugees from terrorism hotspots around the world are bound for the U.S. after being rejected by Australia, but not even top lawmakers can get answers about who they are. In an unprecedented move, the U.S. State Department has classified details on refugees to be resettled in America via a secret deal made with