Stop Big Oil’s violent attacks against Keystone protesters


KXL_You_Shall_Not_Pass Stop Big Oil’s violent attacks against Keystone protesters  Shocking — and appalling — news: In Texas, Canadian oil giant TransCanada has been accused of actively encouraging the police to use aggressive violence against U.S. citizens standing in the way of the Keystone XL pipeline.

After conferring with TransCanada, sheriff’s deputies in Wood County, Texas, allegedly put two peaceful protesters chained to Keystone XL equipment in chokeholds and stress positions, bent them over backwards to knock them unconscious, pepper sprayed their open wounds, and used a Taser for a full five seconds. This went on for five hours.
This behavior is atrocious, un-American, and immoral — and there is absolutely no excuse for local law enforcement officials to act this way.

It’s up to activists like you to stop Big Oil’s assault on our liberty and our climate dead in its tracks. Take action today: Tell TransCanada we won’t let them come to our country and encourage violent attacks on our citizens.

When the deputies were done, the top TransCanada official on the scene was overheard congratulating them on a “job well done.