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John Kerry Takes Another Parting Shot at His ‘Friend’ Netanyahu

Cortney O’Brien,  In Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech trying to explain the Obama administration’s abstention in the anti-Israel UN resolution last month, he summed up Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as the most radical, right wing government in the country’s history.  He apparently wasn’t done lecturing the Israeli leader. In an conversation with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman

John Kerry Attacks Trump for Stepping Into “Politics of Other Countries” #Trump45

Daniel Greenfield,  And now, a lesson in diplomacy from America’s Worst Living Diplomat. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday it was “inappropriate” for Donald Trump to brand German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy “a catastrophic mistake”. “I thought frankly it was inappropriate for a president-elect of the United States to be stepping

John Kerry and 70 Nations Meet in Paris to Cede Parts of Israel to the Palestinians

Jim Hoft, With less than one week left in his Presidency, President Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry is in Paris this week meeting with 72 nations at a ‘Peace’ Summit.  The purpose of the summit is to further actions led by Obama’s administration at the UN mandating that Israel hand over significant sections of

Members at DC country club take swing at Obama over Israel stance

Members at an exclusive Washington-area country club think President Obama is a real duffer when it comes to foreign policy – and the fairway furor could cost him one option for a post-presidency home course. Though it’s unclear whether the outgoing president would even seek membership there, some at the Woodmont Country Club in Rockville,

Leaving the Way They Came

Erick Erickson, There has always been a level of child-like petulance running through both Barack Obama and his administration. Friends were only tools of convenience, discarded once they were no longer useful. Laws were obeyed so long as they advanced a cause, but were ignored otherwise. The constitution was a useful instrument until it prevented

Pat Buchanan: Bibi’s Israel First policy must one day collide with America First

Donald Trump has a new best friend. “President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support of Israel,” gushed Bibi Netanyahu, after he berated John Kerry in a fashion that would once have resulted in a rupture of diplomatic relations. Netanyahu accused Kerry of “colluding” in and “orchestrating” an anti-Israel, stab-in-the-back resolution

Obstacle to Peace, John Kerry believes that peace is what happens when the bad guys win.

Daniel Greenfield, Before Obama decided to “abstain” from standing with Israel in a UN vote condemning the Jewish State, he had abstained from voting in defense of America in a UN resolution condemning the United States. Obama, like Power and Kerry, have treated Israel just like they treated the United States. John Forbes Kerry began

Ted Cruz RIPS APART John Kerry: Is this a Preview of Election 2020?

Senator Ted Cruz, always known as a staunch friend of Israel, issued a blistering statement on Facebook targeting Secretary of State John Kerry after Kerry’s speech on Wednesday. Cruz started by noting that Barack Obama and Kerry are using “their last breath in office” to strike at Israel, adding, “History will record and the world will

John Kerry’s meaningless speech and tragic missed opportunity

What if the Secretary of State gave a policy speech and no one listened? Because Secretary Kerry’s speech Wednesday came after the U.S.’s abstention on the Security Council vote, nobody in Israel will pay any attention to anything he said. Had the speech come before the abstention, there would have been some possibility of it influencing the debate within

Obama’s Blaming Everybody Else For Russian Aggression. He Should Buy A Mirror

Ben Shapiro, Opinion In the aftermath of Russia’s alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee, followed by Hillary Clinton’s shocking presidential election loss, Barack Obama has gone on the warpath against the Russians. “Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave,” Obama said of Republican softness on Putin on Friday. Obama added that we’re vulnerable to

Iran sanctions renewal becomes law even without Obama signature

WASHINGTON –  In an unexpected reversal, President Barack Obama declined to sign a renewal of sanctions against Iran but let it become law anyway, in an apparent bid to alleviate Tehran’s concerns that the U.S. is backsliding on the nuclear deal. Although the White House had said that Obama was expected to sign the 10-year-renewal,