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The Time is NOW to Put Privacy Back into Intelligence Gathering

Bob Barr, In the months following the 9-11 terror attacks, as America’s intelligence agencies struggled to explain how they missed connecting the dots leading to the attacks, there began a major push both inside and outside government to ensure such a lapse never occurred again. The focal point of this push was the intelligence community’s

Amidst Convention Hooplah, A Key Legislative Victory

Bob Barr, With the attention of virtually all media and political pundits centered on the major political conventions, it is important we not lose sight of the fact that many lawmakers from both parties are continuing their relentless drive to increase the power of the federal government to snoop.  Thankfully, a group of pro-freedom members

œHomelanders to U.S. Expatriates: Don’t Come Back¦Ever

From Mark Nestmann, The United States is one of only two countries (the other is Eritrea, a military dictatorship) that taxes its citizens and long-term residents, no matter where they live. Even Americans who haven’t lived in the United States in decades must pay tax on their worldwide income as if you never left.