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U.S. jobless rate falls to six-year low in September?

 U.S. employers stepped up hiring in September and the jobless rate fell to a six-year low, which could bolster bets on a Federal Reserve rate hike in mid-2015 or even earlier. Friday’s report on hiring is the most significant gauge of the economy’s health ahead of Nov. 4 congressional elections. While President Barack Obama’s message […] Read More →

Wacko Pelosi Predicts Obama Will Deliver A Holiday Surprise On Immigration

Lonely Conservative  At her weekly press conference Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted that President Obama will deliver a holiday surprise for immigration advocates. “Since we met last, the President has made an announcement about deferring any action on immigration until later this year. I am confident, meeting with our caucuses in the House – our Tri-caucus: the […] Read More →

Thomas Sowell: Mob Rule Economics

 While we talk about democracy and equal rights, we seem increasingly to let both private and government decisions be determined by mob rule. There is nothing democratic about mob rule. It means that some people’s votes are to be overruled by other people’s disruptions, harassments and threats. The latest examples are the mobs in the […] Read More →

Obama Demands Minimum Wage While Denying Minimum Education

John Ransom There’s good news folks.  Obama finally has an employment policy that works. Apparently, if you cross the border from Mexico illegally, the chances of you finding and keeping a job rise considerably. At least in California. “Immigrants comprise more than one-third of California’s labor force (35%),” writes the California Immigrant Policy Center wrote […] Read More →

Political Corruption Slows Growth, Kills Jobs

Peter Morici,   This Friday the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 230,000 jobs in August. The pace has picked up a bit but is still far less than needed to reemploy all the prime aged workers displaced in the wake of the financial crisis. The jobless rate is down to 6.1 percent […] Read More →

Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?

John C. Goodman  Events in Ferguson, Missouri raise this question: Is the criminal justice system unfair to minorities, especially blacks? Liberal blogger Ezra Klein says it is. And libertarian Rand Paul agrees. Klein serves up these statistics: · Of people impacted by a SWAT deployment, at least 54 percent were minorities. · White and black […] Read More →

Lower Benefits, Higher Jobs — Paul Ryan Has It Right

Larry Kudlow –  Co-written by Robert Sinche  Neel Kashkari, the Republican candidate for governor of California, just recounted in The Wall Street Journal his week on the streets of Fresno posing as a homeless man looking for work. At the end of his op-ed, Kashkari lamented that he didn’t need a higher minimum wage, paid sick […] Read More →

Thomas Sowell: Is Thinking Obsolete?

 Some have said that we are living in a post-industrial era, while others have said that we are living in a post-racial era. But growing evidence suggests that we are living in a post-thinking era. Many people in Europe and the Western Hemisphere are staging angry protests against Israel’s military action in Gaza. One of […] Read More →

Fed Sees Labor-Market Slack Even After Unemployment Rate Dropped

 The Federal Reserve said the labor market still has plenty of room for improvement, even after a surprising drop in unemployment, bolstering the case for keeping interest rates low. “A range of labor-market indicators suggests that there remains significant underutilization of labor resources,” the Federal Open Market Committee said today in a statement in Washington, […] Read More →

Real Unemployment Rate Is at Least 18 Percent

Peter Morici  Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 235,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate remained steady at 6.1 percent, but that hardly tells the story. The jobless rate may be down from its recession peak of 10 percent, but much of this results from adults, discouraged by the […] Read More →

Walter E. Williams: Please Stop Helping Us

 While reading the first chapter of Jason Riley’s new book, “Please Stop Helping Us,” I thought about Will Rogers’ Prohibition-era observation that “Oklahomans vote dry as long as they can stagger to the polls.” Demonstrative of similar dedication, one member of Congress told Vanderbilt University political scientist Carol Swain that “one of the advantages and […] Read More →