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Fakewood EXPOSED: Where Fake News began

Zero Hedge, With the internet rife with “Fake News” – Fake Profiles, fake comments, and fake just about everything; let’s do what an intelligence analyst should do (that is, analyze and not just do whatever his client pays him to do). And, the first step before collecting current information is to understand the history. In

Trump Extending Hand to People, Not Elites

Jim Stinson, Experts note new president bypassed ideology, focused on pragmatism over poetry. President Donald Trump delivered a speech thick with criticism of the ruling elite Friday, and one that included many vows to the working men and women of the United States. Trump promised things would change, and that the “forgotten” would be foremost

The UN Is Beyond Reform, D.C. isn’t the only Swamp our New President needs to Drain

Bruce Thornton, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to get tough with the UN, a corrupt, bloated bureaucracy that for seven decades has existed to provide cushy jobs for international deadbeats, and to promote the interests of tyrannical regimes and anti-American pygmy states. Recognizing the UN’s failures and corruption, some commentators are calling for targeted reductions

Obamacare’s Grandpa Fought Markets in World War II

Michael Hamilton, Today’s crisis of rising health insurance and health care costs, exacerbated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), descends from policies the federal government started creating more than 70 years ago—during World War II and the postwar decades—argues Hillsdale College professor Dr. Gary Wolfram. President-elect Donald Trump and Congress should heed the history lesson,

Newt Gingrich: Trumpism explained

Newt Gingrich, Editor’s note: The following column is adapted from a speech delivered by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at the National Defense University on December 14, 2016. I want to start by thanking the National Defense University. This is an extraordinarily important institution. You’ll see why as I go through this. The greatest challenge

Thomas Sowell: A Public Service

Sometimes someone inadvertently performs a public service by bringing an unbelievably stupid and dangerous idea to the surface, where it can be exposed for what it is. The New York Times can be credited — if that is the word — with performing this public service in a recent editorial against proposals to allow law-abiding

The Gorbachev-Democrat Axis, Both support Obamacare and decry “triumphalism”

Lloyd Billingsley, Democrats have been charging that Vladmir Putin’s Russia got Donald Trump elected President of the United States. As this absurd charge plays out, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, now 85, has been blaming the United States and its allies for the downfall of the USSR and for current tensions in the world. In an

Trump’s era of disruption has only just begun

Michael Goodwin, Iran warns it will destroy Israel and start World War III if Donald Trump tears up the nuclear deal. China calls him “as ignorant as a child” and threatens to end all cooperation if Trump doesn’t recognize Taiwan as part of China. Then there are the Hillary Clinton Democrats, who are trying to steal the