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Media’s Fake News Becomes Ayatollah’s Propaganda

Jim Stinson, Iranian regime cites bogus handcuffed child story peddled by liberal press to discredit Trump. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, used bogus news peddled by some major U.S. media outlets to denounce the United States and foster anti-American perceptions Tuesday. Khamenei, speaking before gathered Iranian military leaders, pointed to stories a five-year-old child

There’s a Good Chance Lena Dunham Committed Voter Fraud or Lied About Voting Hillary

During the 2016 Democratic primary and general election, Hollywood elite Lena Dunham couldn’t have been more vocal about her support for former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Dunham bragged about Hillary “making history,” downplayed her potentially criminal activity, sported some of the most hideous pro-Hillary outfits, and even stripped and rapped for the severely flawed candidate. Seriously. 

Suffering from Election Stress Disorder

Tom Purcell,  “Five more weeks before the election. I’m not sure I can survive that long.” “Ah, yes, you speak of an interesting phenomenon this election cycle, ‘election stress disorder,’ as some therapists refer to it. According to several news reports, our cantankerous election is causing increased irritability, heart palpitations and an inability to sleep

FBI warns states, says foreign hackers targeted election systems

The FBI issued a recent warning to state election officials to beef up their cybersecurity measures after foreign hackers broke into one state’s election system and targeted another. The FBI confirmed to Fox News on Monday it issued a “flash” alert on Aug. 18, urging states to contact their Board of Elections if they suspect

RUSSIANS ˜LIKELY’ BEHIND HACK, FBI reportedly warned Clinton’s Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign computers have been hacked, said sources who added Friday that the Russian government is likely responsible for yet another attack on Democrats. The newly revealed attack comes after computer networks for the Democratic National Committee and the party’s fund-raising committee for congressional candidates were also hacked. A trove of stolen e-mails from the party

DOJ Walks Back Loretta Lynch’s Promise to Honor FBI’s Clinton Investigation Recommendation

The Department of Justice walked back statements from Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. While Lynch said she would accept any recommendation from FBI Director James Comey (without recusing herself from the case), a DoJ spokeswoman says Lynch will be “the ultimate decider.” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Friday that

Snowden on Destroyed Torture Report: ˜When CIA Destroys Something, It’s Never a Mistake’

Mikael Thalen, InfoWars 6,700-page report included cables and memos on CIA use of waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other torture methods. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden pushed back against CIA claims Wednesday that the recent destruction of the Senate’s torture report was done so by accident. As reported Monday, an intelligence source speaking with Yahoo News revealed

Obama’s New Press Secretary: Obama

 Farewell to Jay Carney, who ably served President Barack Obama during his three years as White House press secretary, an exhausting job. Before he leaves the West Wing for the final time, he should perform one more valuable public service: Tell his boss to conduct his own news conferences. In his first five years in

Obama forgets Pearl Harbor Day on Twitter, but remembers to promote Obamacare

Victor Medina, December 7, 1941 has rightly been described as a day that will live in infamy. Whether it lives in President Obama’s memory is another story. On December 7, 2013, a day when veterans and survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack gathered in his home state of Hawaii, President Obama did not acknowledge the