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Five Lessons Abraham Lincoln Would Have For Today’s Republican Party

Josh Hammer, Sunday, February 12, 2017 marks the 208th birthday of perhaps the greatest statesman in American history: Abraham Lincoln.  More scholarly tomes have been written about Lincoln than double sausage and egg McMuffins have been consumed by Michael Moore, but Lincoln’s legacy is actually simpler than many might realize it to be. Lincoln understood

9 Things You Need To Know About Frederick Douglass

Aaron Bandler, Frederick Douglass became a topic of discussion when President Donald Trump praised the historical figure in a speech hailing African-American History Month. “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice,” Trump said. Trump’s use of the present tense to describe

From a lassoed president to drunk VP, inaugurations have often been unpredictable affairs

Brooke Singman, George Washington had to walk home after his ended. A drunken mob wrecked the White House after Andrew Jackson’s. And legend has it that at his, William Henry Harrison caught the cold that eventually killed him. Presidential inaugurations – long known for stirring speeches and decked out galas – also sometimes bring about

Donald Trump to Use Lincoln Bible for Inauguration Oath of Office

President-elect Donald Trump will swear in as president on a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln during his first inauguration as president. The Lincoln Bible is currently part of the Library of Congress collection and was used by Obama to swear in as president after the 2008 and 2012 elections. Only Obama and Lincoln have used

History Shows The Electoral College System Works

Those who demand direct popular election of the president should be advised that this is what we have — in 51 jurisdictions (the states and the District). And the electoral vote system quarantines electoral disputes. Imagine the 1960 election under direct popular election: John F. Kennedy’s popular vote margin over Richard M. Nixon was just 118,574.

Why Is Thanksgiving on the Fourth Thursday of November?

We don’t know exactly when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, so what does the date mean? The very first Thanksgiving — the one with the Pilgrims and Squanto — is commonly believed to have been held in mid-October, right as harvest season was finishing up. Why, then, do we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday

“Lincoln, Gandhi, King and Trump – Deplorable Quotes of Great Humanitarians”

Dear Citizens for Trump, An article comparing the personal indiscretions of Abraham  Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King with those of Donald Trump. As far as “deplorables” go, not bad company to be amongst! Long ago I was acquainted with a man in politics widely known to be a letch. The prettier girls on


Trump’s ‘Gettysburg Address’ Makes Closing Argument For Choosing Him And Unveils First-100-Days Agenda As He Promises ‘The Kind Of Change That Only Arrives Once In A Lifetime’ David Martosko ‘First 100 days’ agenda speech formalized his mainstay political pledges with promises of legislation and executive orders Called it a ‘Contract with the American Voter,’ modeling

Clinton, Trump rooted in battlegrounds Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia with time expiring

The campaigns for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Saturday hunkered down in the handful of states that will likely decide their presidential race — with Trump again improvising in Pennsylvania ahead of Clinton’s swing through the state’s two big Democratic strongholds. The Trump campaign billed the speech in historic Gettysburg as Trump’s vision for

In Gettysburg, Trump says he can bring the ‘change’ to end ‘rigged’ system

Donald Trump delivered Saturday on his plan to use historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, as the setting for a closing argument in his Republican presidential campaign — but not before lashing out again at familiar targets including rival Hillary Clinton, a “rigged” America and female accusers whom he branded ”liars.” Trump vowed after the election to sue

Mike Pence: I’d prefer if ‘Dishonest Hillary’ didn’t associate herself with ‘Honest Abe’

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said he’d prefer if “Dishonest Hillary” didn’t associate herself with “Honest Abe” Lincoln, after Hillary Clinton tried to explain a seeming disconnect between private and public positions by invoking the 16th president’s name at Sunday’s debate. “What you have with these Wikileaks releases of these emails is they’re pulling