Paul Walker Death Photos And Autopsy Results (Graphic Images And Video)

(Before It’s News)

By Susan Duclos

The autopsy results from the death of actor Paul Walker has been released and they determine that Walker was alive after impact and before the car burst into flames. Toxicology reports will still take six to eight weeks according to the coroner.

Walker died from “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries,” meaning the initial impact and severe burn injuries.


They have also ruled that the impact itself resulted in the death of the driver, Roger Rodas.

While authorities have determined speed was a factor in the deaths and crash, they have not determined the cause of the crash.

The New York Daily News:

The victims were so horribly disfigured that the coroner had to use dental records to identify Walker and Rodas, and to determine which one of them was behind the wheel.

The images below are graphic and sent to me via email from BIN reporter N. Morgan, one provides an outline of the bodies as they were found.




The video below shows the scene from the camera that captured how long after impact before the car exploded.


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  • Shawna Michelle Sidd

    Sick. The ppl who took that showed be very ashamed. Think of how his daughter feels you asshole

    • Me rules

      You are so hypercritical. How can you say that when you looked up pictures of it?

      • Dom

        They are not dead paul is in Seattle wa and roger lives about 15minutes from paul

    • Mr mean

      You looked up pictures of him dead, got what you wanted and then call the people that gave you what you wanted sick? You're just as sick.

    • Yllonnoc

      The other comments to Shawna's post are retarded, I got here trying to find the official cause of death…not pictures of him dead. DUH! Use your noodles ppl…obviously you guys got here through morbid google searches but thats not the only way to get here.

    • CandyPerfumeGirl

      i dont think his daughter is under the impression that her dad died in a fluff of clouds and confetti. I think she is old enough to understand what being charred in a car crash means. Plus it is not like anyone is showing these pics to her.

  • Criss

    What a horrible way to die! Very sad!

    • yolo

      Sure was bad ,but y bet they were uncosius

  • anonymous

    Who cares. Yea they shouldn't have posted the pictures for his daughters sake im sure she's is horrified and super depressed that she wont ever see her daddy again and not spend time or hug and kiss her anymore. But instead of bitching and arguing about how y'all got to this site just take a moment to remember him and pray for his family. especially for his daughter. Yea im on the site cause i couldnt believe he had past. so don't argue pay ur respects. A good man that had talent and actually gave a shit to have a charity. a loving father. R.i.p Paul Walker may you find happiness in heaven

  • Steffer sekunda

    Please i saw these pictures weeks ago and yes I was looking for them. Why not? Human nature. I thought paul walkers acting sucked nd they took out a car that had a published warning that taking it on a street can cause injury or death. You had two ego's loving fast cars that wanted to have fun. Stupid driving leads to stupid death. He should have thought about his daughter before his joy ride. I worked in EMS so i have seen accidents just as preventable. To make matters worse if you read his autopsy report, he had broken pelvis, leg fractures, some rib fra tures but both his lungs where fully inflated so he didnt have a punctured lung. He had 14% carbon monoxide in his blood so he burned to death.

  • Paul Cena

    I still can’t believe that paul walker has left us