Illuminati Death coincidences now surrounding the death of Paul Walker are aligning

The ˜coincidences’ now surrounding the death of Paul Walker are aligning and are impossible to overlook . From death rumors to ˜the Family Guy’, the ˜Fast and Furious’ connection and more, does Youtube videographer Paul Gardiner lay down the facts that prove that Paul Walker’s death was an ˜illuminati death’? RIP Paul Walker.

paulwalkerdied_small Illuminati Death coincidences now surrounding the death of Paul Walker are aligning








Paul’s last video message and a reenactment of his car crash can be found here. Another brand new murder theory from Susan Duclos can be found here.

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You folks in the GLP community never cease to impress me and demonstrate why they pay so many shills to come in here and cause chaos. You guys started with just a small post I made last night and turned up tons of good evidence and leads on this. This is why they are scared of us, you can’t hide very long in the age of the internet.

So here we go. This is the same car Paul Walker was killed in that had also been involved in an ultra high speed crash with fatalities.

Now here is his car, it looks like a bomb went off.

Now the final photo of the car shows it against a tree that is only about 6 inches in diameter and the tree is totally undamaged. Cars don’t hit 6 inch trees at what would have had to have been 150 mph and not damage the tree, there would not be a tree. As one member said, if you don’t believe this, take your car and go try yourself at 30 mph.

“Now here is another thread with a conspiracy on a possible motive here. Apparently, Paul Walker had discovered dirty money in the Philippines disaster relief and that would make sense because he owned a company that specialized in rapid disaster relief.

Paul Walker and his friend were killed shortly after they discovered a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid. They had a damning recording and they were on their way to rendezvous with an ally who would have helped them get in touch with the right people. Turns out they were betrayed and someone rigged their car’s breaks to malfunction after a certain speed.

Now that the loose end has been tied up, and the recording destroyed, the people responsible have nothing to fear as this will become another “conspiracy theory” no one will take seriously.”

Thread:  Paul Walker was MURDERED for trying to expose a vast conspiracy

When he died, the first fast and the furious just had started on cable tv. Eric Holders cartel arming, i mean gun tracking without recording the numbers on the guns program was called the fast and the furious. There was an internet rumor this week he had died in a car accident. Tonnight he dies when his porshe “blew up” when it hit a tree after being knocked off road by a second vehicle, he was a passenger. Those cars are wicked safe its not a ford pinto.

He was attending an event for his organization, Reach Out Worldwide

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