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The Myth of “a System of White Supremacy”

Jack Kerwick, Disproving the Big Lie. Last week, Johnny Eric Williams, a professor of sociology at Trinity College, gained national notoriety.     Williams, who is black, posted some racially incendiary remarks on his Facebook wall.  They were conjoined with the hashtag, “LetThemFuckingDie.”    The hashtag Williams borrowed from an article published at The Medium and

The Chicago Four: Anti-Trump Rhetoric Coming Home to Roost

Jack Kerwick, By now, there is scarcely anyone who isn’t familiar with the repulsive video. Two young black men and their black female counterparts—let’s call them “the Chicago Four”—recorded themselves as they beat, bound, cut, kicked, and tormented a cognitively challenged white teenager over a two day period in Chicago. These monsters in human form

What A Stupid Time To Be Alive For Liberals

Kurt Schlichter, Pity the poor liberals in the aftermath of November’s humiliationathon – as we’ve discussed before, they thought they were headed for the penthouse but they found themselves in the outhouse, and there’s no Charmin left to squeeze. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from stupiding all over the place ever since, as if they

Why the Anger? Obamanomics Has Failed

Larry Elder, President Barack Obama, when asked to name an accomplishment for which he is most proud, said, “I’m proud of saving the American economy.” Breathtaking. Let’s examine the facts, using only government, left wing — or, at least, non-conservative — statistics, sources or analyses. In 2012, the third year of the Obama recovery, the

The Big Lie Exposed: Liberals Hate Diversity

Jeff Crouere  Liberals are always preaching the values of diversity and inclusion. Regrettably, such platitudes are just rhetoric, because upon closer examination liberals hate diversity. As evidence, just examine some recent and disturbing activities on the campus of Rutgers University. After former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was invited to give

Lingering questions about unpaid ObamaCare premiums

It remains a national embarrassment that the Administration refuses to release the actual number of paid and valid ObamaCare insurance policies.  Policies are not valid if the initial premium is not paid.  The Obama Administration deals only in the vague abstract of “enrollments,” a measure that has included everything from incomplete online shopping-cart data to unpaid policies

More fun with ObamaCare: lost drugs, closed hospitals, and agonizing pain

 Here’s another person for Democrats to insult as a meaningless “anecdote”: Chris Dunn of Sonora, California, who lost his old insurance due to Barack Obama’s Big Lie, got saddled with an overpriced and inferior ObamaCare plan, and can’t get the back surgery he desperately needs.  ”Doc shock” for the win!  Americans for Prosperity introduces us