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Whitewashing the Black President’s Legacy Not at all Scandal-Free?

Brent Bozell, As President Barack Obama’s White House days run out, it’s time for his obsequious courtiers in the liberal media to announce his glorious “legacy.” On Dec. 7, CNN devoted a two-hour prime-time special to the Obama legacy. It was hosted by Fareed Zakaria, a journalist whom Obama had invited to the White House

Hillary’s Campaign to be America’s Third Black President

Crystal Wright, FPM “I get it” she told the all-black crowd. Hillary Clinton keeps getting blacker and blacker during this campaign.  Yes, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee is pulling the woman card, but she’s also pulling the black card — hard. Speaking to the NAACP, she told the all-black crowd that “I get it.”  The

Denninger: œIf You Take Out Black-on-Black Homicide¦ 75% of All Gun Murders Disappear

Karl DenningerThe Market Ticker Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever spent some time reading Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker you’ve come to realize that he is a straight-shooter of the highest order. Whether commenting on geo-politics, the economy, corruption or the persistent destruction of our liberties, Denninger doesn’t mince words. His arguments are not only logical in a world