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Trump’s Great Presidential Victory Saved Our #SecondAmendment

AWR Hawkins, Marty Daniel spoke to Breitbart News at the 2017 National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show and said that President-elect Donald Trump’s election saved the Second Amendment. Breitbart News asked Daniel, CEO and founder of Daniel Defense, an AR-15 design and manufacturing company, and member of Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition, “Is it reasonable to say Donald Trump’s

Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-shirt Thrown Out of Voting Booth

In attack on free speech, election officials say man can’t vote because of shirt  Election officials ejected a Texas man from a voting booth because he was wearing a Second Amendment t-shirt. Chris Driskill was prevented from voting at the Waller County Courthouse on Tuesday after officials claimed he was violating Texas Election Code section

Banned Super Bowl Pro-Gun Ad Going Viral

 A gunmaker’s commercial that the National Football League’s rules prohibit from being broadcast during the Super Bowl is still going viral, and the ad’s creator says the company created the spot not only to promote the business, but to champion Second Amendment rights. Daniel Defense, a manufacturer from Georgia, attempted to buy Super Bowl advertising time