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Global Warming (Snowstorms) Killed Obamanomics?

Michael Schaus  Wow. Remember when everyone was predicting 3 percent GDP growth for 2014? Apparently the “experts” were a little off. (Seriously… Economists, meteorologists, and global warming scientists must have pretty awesome job security.) It turns out that the first quarter of 2014 actually contracted 2.9 percent. Yeah, we just saw the largest revision between

NYC Liberals Demand that Walmart Stop Helping Poor People

Michael Schaus  New York City Liberals would apparently rather have charities go without millions of dollars, than see the company get a little good press. Just over half of the 51 members of the New York City Council wrote a letter to the retail giant, demanding that it stop donating millions of dollars to local vs.

Debra J. Saunders  There are certain elections that make you want to wash your hands before voting. And that usually has something to do with the candidates. In California’s 10th Senate District, two Democrats who have served in the California Assembly want to fill the state Senate seat of termed-out Ellen Corbett. Former Assemblywoman Mary

Crowdfunding website Kickstarter hacked, recommends users change passwords

 Kickstarter, the fundraising platform used by millions of people to raise capital for creative projects and businesses, said on Saturday that hackers had gained access to some of its customers’ data earlier this week but that the breach had been repaired. “No credit card data of any kind was accessed by hackers. There is no

Target Corp and Neiman Marcus are not the only U.S. retailers whose networks were breached

 More well-known U.S. retailers victims of cyberattacks Over the holiday shopping season late last year, according to sources familiar with attacks on other merchants that have yet to be publicly disclosed. Smaller breaches on at least three other well-known U.S. retailers took place and were conducted using similar techniques as the one on Target, according

Neiman Marcus is latest victim of security breach

 Luxury merchant Neiman Marcus confirmed Saturday that thieves stole some of its customers’ payment card information and made unauthorized charges over the holiday season, becoming the second retailer in recent weeks to announce it had fallen victim to a cyber-security attack. The hacking, coming weeks after Target Corp. revealed its own breach, underscores the increasing