Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Memorial Meet Today (SoCal)

Sunday, December 8, 2013 12:00pm until 5:00pm in PST
This memorial meet belongs to all the fans… it is NOT organized by us.. we are just the medium that transfers the information.

paulwalkermemorialsocal_small Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Memorial Meet Today (SoCal)

What seems to be like the right thing to do is this:

Sunday, Dec 8, 2013
at 12pm (noon).

Crash Site where memorial tribute meet will be:
**different maps like the address differently but as long as you reach Hercules St. you will find it. **

So enter either:
25690 Hercules St, Valencia, CA 91355
256/90 Hercules St, Valencia, CA 91355

Drive slow, be cautious. Respect what this is for.
And go at your own discretion aka assume the risk.
Park anywhere along the long street and peacefully walk to light a candle or put some flowers etc..

On site donations are not allowed in the city because there are no permits for that (no toys, canned food, clothes etc)
For those who want to donate to the organization that Paul Walker & Roger Rodas started here is the link:

Our condolences to the family and fans.

A message from the local church: via Bob Hudson

“Hello Everyone! I’m one of the pastors at NorthPark Community Church (about 100 yards from the crash site). We would love to be able to serve any of you in any way. We are planning on having water, coffee, hot chocolate etc. available and provide safe parking near the site. Everyone is also free to use our restroom facilities, attend one of our services if you like 9am, 10:30 & 11:45. Both Paul and Roger had connections to some of our church members and we want to share our sympathies and condolences. Please let me know what we can do to serve.”


Thank you for Darric Baxwar Newman who took the initiative to bring a skyline from the Chris milano collection, The car is from Fast Four, it is the car that Paul was driving in the scenes, it is owned by Chris milano, pictures are ok but please don’t mess with the car in anyway. It will be at the nearby Church lot.
Also: (silver skyline FF2, Escort FF6 from Universal and replica supra by Juan Coscarart)

paul-walker-accident-scene-car_small2 Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Memorial Meet Today (SoCal)  Special thanks to Mardy of Enhanced Nightlife for being the medium between this memorial and the media/press, and for contacting other organizations, and keeping the fans up to date with news updates around the clock.

Thank you for all the volunteers in the community and the fans helping each other. And the Media helping and respecting what this public memorial is about.

Event page will be locked and no new public posts will be allowed starting Dec 7 at 11pm PST. It will re-open after the event. We want to prevent false rumors from spreading. Thank you for understanding.

The official hash tag for this tribute will be #PaulRogerMM
MM- Memorial Meet.
If everyone uses it then we can all locate photos and posts quick and stay united and connected.
Idea and credit to Nick.

A message from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station
OBEY ALL LAWS to prevent further injuries.

Traffic and Parking Enforcement For Public Safety

“Deputies ask that people wishing to visit the area park legally and safely in appropriate and legal public parking areas. Also, follow all pedestrian traffic laws when walking to the site.”

“This is a tragic incident. Sheriff’s deputies understand many people are choosing to visit the site to assist in the grieving process. Yet it is important to take legal safety measures to help avoid injury to people in the area.”

You can read the link for more information.