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Eminent Domain: Couple Finds Out That Land Is Only Their Own Until the Government Wants It

The Organic Prepper Imagine this: You do your research and you choose a retreat property far off the beaten path.  You spend time and money developing it, making it your own.  Maybe it is a vacation home, or maybe you’re a prepper and this is your bug-out location. Regardless of the reason you chose it,

Grocery Shopping? Before Michelle Obama’s New Labels, all you could do was scratch your head,LOL

The Organic Prepper  Are you frazzled and confused every time you go to the grocery store and attempt to strain your little brain to read those labels with all of the big, scary words?  Do you stand in line, wringing your hands over the terrifying experience of trying to shop for your family? Is it

Prepared for a Water Emergency? Deadly Chemical in the W. V. Water Creates Immediate Shortage

The Organic Prepper  Here is a reason to store water that even non-preppers will find pertinent:  more than half a million people in West Virginia are unable to use their tap water for drinking, cooking, bathing or cleaning due to a chemical spill near a water treatment plant. Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple reported:

A Mob of More Than 600 Teens Laid Siege to a Florida Movie Theater

The Organic Prepper Apparently the Brooklyn, NY shopping center that was put “on tilt” by a horde of teenagers the day after Christmas wasn’t the only public place under attack this holiday season. On Christmas day, over 600 people, mostly teenagers, were involved in a vicious brawl at the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida.

Why I Support Both the Right to be Gay AND Phil Robertson’s Right to Criticize It

The Organic Prepper When I first read the rant of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, I was offended by his crassly stated opinion on homosexuality.  I felt it was judgmental and much more crudely stated than was necessary.  If he’d just said that this was against his religion, I, along with many others, would have gotten