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Obama Okays Massive Shipment of Uranium to Iran that Could Produce 10 Nukes

Ari Lieberman, Can the Iran deal get any worse? “The worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history,” that was the way Charles Krauthammer characterized the Iran deal back in July 2015. Of course, when Krauthammer made that very accurate assessment, he had no way of knowing that the deal was even worse than originally envisioned.  The

White House petition suggests naming next Navy ship ‘USS The Deplorables’

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has a penchant for doling out interesting and unconventional names for new warships, but a petition currently on the White House website wants the next major warship to be named something that may be too outlandish even for him. The petition suggests that the next major vessel be

What you don’t know about Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli pirates

Brian Kilmeade, Editor’s note: The following excerpt is from “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates” by Brian Kilmeade now available in paperback. Commodore Edward Preble, commander of the USS Constitution, had spent much of the summer of 1804 dealing with heavy seas of the Tripoli coast where he tried to maintain his blockade. He had

Pearl Harbor survivor: What I saw aboard the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941

Donald Stratton, Editor’s note: The following column is adapted from “All the Gallant Men: An American Sailor’s Firsthand Account of Pearl Harbor.“ I was aboard the USS Arizona on the morning of December 7, 1941. The courage I saw in our men was astonishing. Those gallant sailors fought back however they could. Pilots tried to

Trump Announces Nationwide Ship-Building Plan To Create 350 Ship Navy

FROM: Alexander Gray, Senior Military AdvisorTO: Interested Parties   “The Navy has just commissioned the USS Zumwalt, showcasing the Navy’s role as the most effective instrument of American power projection. Under a Trump administration we will build the 350 ship Fleet we need and harness American workers, American know how, and American materials to create the

U.S. warship again targeted in failed missile attack from Yemen

A U.S. Navy destroyer was targeted on Saturday in a failed missile attack from territory in Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi rebels, the third such incident in recent days, a U.S. defense official said. Multiple missiles were fired at the USS Mason in the Red Sea but the warship took countermeasures and was not hit,