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Did Hillary Clinton Have a Secret Meeting with Chinese Officials Before 2016 Election?

Justin Haskins, An e-mail in WikiLeaks’ Podesta database shows a former State Department official with close ties to Hillary Clinton met with an ambassador to China early in 2016 and attempted to facilitate a secret “off the record” meeting between Clinton and the ambassador to discuss U.S.-China relations. The revelation comes as many in the

Evan McMullin: President Donald Trump Is a ‘Domestic Enemy’

Joel B. Pollak, Former CIA operative and 2016 third-party presidential candidate Evan McMullin took to Twitter and CNN on Wednesday to defend rogue intelligence agents who break the law to leak classified information, saying President Donald Trump “presents a threat to the country.” In response to President Trump’s tweets earlier Wednesday, in which he alleged that

Media’s moment of truth: Who are the gatekeepers in the Trump era?

Howard Kurtz, When you move beyond the flap of the moment—a CNN correspondent repeatedly interrupting the president-elect, Buzzfeed irresponsibly publishing unproven rumors—the news business is facing a moment of truth. Can people trust the media to provide a basic set of facts? The verdict, in the court of public opinion, increasingly appears to be no.

The Hate Group That Tracks Down ‘Hate Groups’ The despicable SPLC

John Perazzo, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was founded in 1971 by two Alabama attorneys, Morris Dees and Joseph Levin Jr. The latter served as the Center’s legal director from 1971-76, but it was Dees, who views the U.S. as an irredeemably racist nation, who would emerge as the long-term “face” of the organization. Identifying itself

New Trump CIA Director: Let’s Dump The Iran Deal

Donald Trump’s pick to be the new director of the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, has minced no words about the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has called the deal “the worst deal ever negotiated,” but within days of his election there were rumors that he seemed to be backtracking on tearing the deal up. In October,

Trump’s Win: A Truly Historic Event—and Here’s Why

Jack Kerwick, Donald Trump will now be the 45th President of the United States of America. The momentousness of this occasion can’t be overstated. It is truly historic for all sorts of reasons. First, in a way and to an extent that no other event has, Trump’s candidacy and victory has revealed to all with

Fewer Americans Have Private Health Insurance Now Than Before Obamacare Reform

Matt Vespa,  Guy wrote about the coming damage Obamacare will inflict upon us in 2017. In short, it’s a total disaster, with premiums set to spike to outrageous levels, 75 percent in Arizona alone. Another punch to the gut regarding this miserable failure of a health care law; there are fewer Americans with private insurance


“The Clinton Campaign Must Immediately Disavow Kennedy And Give The American People A Full Accounting Of Any Communication Relating To The Request To Change The Classification Levels On Certain Emails.” – Jason Miller “Today’s report in the Weekly Standard that top Clinton State Department aide Patrick Kennedy ‘repeatedly’ tried to change the classification for some

Will Trump Make a Race of It in the Debates?

Michael Barone,  In the midst of the most debate-heavy week of the fall campaign season, with the vice presidential debate last Tuesday and the second presidential debate Sunday, let’s look at what remains uncertain about this year’s bizarre contest. For those of you who are reading this column after Sunday night, the first and largest

Trump Should Look to the States for Successful Law and Order Policies

Pat Nolan, This column is co-authored by Senator Michael Hough. Donald Trump has adopted “law and order” as a main theme for his campaign. He makes it clear that his main concern is violent crime. Violent, dangerous criminals should be in prison, and the cost of incarcerating them is money well spent. However, the net of

This Opinion Just In¦Never Trump Devolves Into Farce

Deroy Murdock, Putting aside the merits of Never Trump, do those who want to sink the soon-to-be-anointed Republican presidential nominee have any sense of political strategy? The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol unleashed the biggest drum roll ever recorded in early June. He promised to unveil the greatest, wisest, most visionary, compassionate, and charismatic conservative candidate

Democratic Party Embraces Unlimited Taxpayer Funded Abortions

Clifford Cunningham | Infowars, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin calls proposal “crazy” The Democratic Party’s 2016 platform calls for allowing unlimited taxpayer funding for elective abortions for Medicaid recipients, a moved slammed as “crazy” by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. Demonstrating a dramatic shift to the left on the issue of abortion, the Democratic Party’s platform calls for