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Why President Trump Should Tell Gen. Nicholson: “You’re Fired!”

Diana West, After 15 years of war, billions and billions of dollars in fighting and training, more money than the US spent on the Marshall Plan on nation-building, over 2,000 combat deaths including scores by very our “Afghan allies,” tens of thousands of  injuries, including many grievous “dismounted complex blast injuries,” another US general has come before

Bukovsky: “McCarthyism” No Witch Hunt, Fully Justifiable

Diana West, The movers and shakers of today have little interest in digging for the truth. Who knows what one may come up with? You may start out with the communists, and end up with yourself. — Vladimir Bukovsky, Judgement at Moscow, Chapter 1 In 2009, Vladimir Bukovsky delivered a striking speech setting forth his ideas about why it

Behold the Washington Post Style section of January 3, 2017 #PizzaGate

Diana West, Wake Up and Smell the Culture All but the trimmings of Page One and Two belong to a woman named Amanda Kleinman, who, we are told, is the leading victim of the headline’s “Troll Patrol” — online harassment resulting from that “viral fake news conspiracy theory” known as “Pizzagate.”  What is “Pizzagate?” Whatever

“Russian hacking” is the Left/Never-Trumpers’ explanation for Donald Trump’s election

Diana West,  In their furrowed-brow-telling, they have recently discovered something called “Russian interference” and “Russian influence.” Don’t ask where so many of them have been all of our lives, because they’ve spent about the past century telling us there was no such thing. That was then. Today, they insist that this newfound “Russian interference”

About that popular vote victory the Left is claiming over Donald Trump

Diana West, Hillary Clinton Won the Illegal Vote!  The latest tallies show that after millions of Americans citizens, fraudsters and non-citizens voted for president, Donald Trump won less popular votes than Hillary Clinton. But is this margin of popular victory the will of legally registered American voters?  In 2014, three political scientists from Old Dominion University and

Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980-2016) #MAGA

Diana West, Paul Nachman discusses this remarkable video compilation, showcasing Donald J. Trump through the decades, “declaring his love of country and acknowledging a reluctant willingness—if he sees the need—to step up and serve it.”< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" "o" /> The consistency, the clarity is striking, also inspiring. Trump has been thinking about how to

“The Great Change”: When the 1960s Generation Became Interventionist

Diana West, In 2000, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick made an acute observation that I’ve not heard any other observer point out: the switch from “liberal isolationism” to “global engagement” — almost overnight — that coincided with the arrival of the Clintons in the White House. In Commentary, she wrote: When the Reagan administration offered arms and

Diana West: DNC ˜Put a Sharia Supremacist on Convention Center Stage’

Dear DNC, Doubtless, I would reach more people if I wrote the following message in a private, hackable email, but I am concerned Russian cyber-trolls are distracted this week by heaps more breaking scandal about Hillary Clinton’s loyal services to what some people like to call “Mother Russia.” Between that Hillary-approved uranium deal transferring 20

Diana West: Brent Bozell’s Brave New World ” ˜The Stone Standard’

Author Diana West reacts to Brent Bozell declaring that Roger Stone should be “shunned by the media.” To: Brent Bozell I read the  you made as president of the Media Research Center, applauding CNN and MSNBC for banning Trump supporter Roger Stone from their presidential election coverage. CNN, Politico reports, banned Stone in February over his tweets

Charles C. Foster, Ted Cruz’s Pro-Amnesty Money Man

Diana West, Charles C. Foster is a pro-mass-immigration, pro-executive amnesty Houston superlawyer.  He supports the import of Syrian refugees into the state of Texas, as he explained in this 2015  op-ed in the Houston Chronicle. He supports Obama’s executive amnesty, as he wrote in a 2014 op-ed in the Houston Chronicle. He supports the HIB visa program, arguing in

For Love of Country, Impeach Obama

Diana West  It isn’t that the barbarians are at the gate. The barbarians control the gate. I don’t know what else to call a president and attorney general who have opened the U.S. border to literally tens of thousands of “children” — some described as “sexually active” teens, some even suspected of ties to gangs.