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California boy places thousands of flags on veterans’ headstones

A 12-year-old boy in California was disheartened when he visited his grandfather’s grave on Veterans Day two years ago. The graveyard was devoid of flags or flowers on any of the veterans’ headstones. So, Preston Sharp of Redding, Calif., decided to take action. He set a goal for all of the veterans’ headstones at McDonald’s

California Governor Jerry Brown Asks President Trump for Help

AWR Hawkins, On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown sought federal help from President Trump by asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to declare “a major disaster” in California in light of the damage done by recent storms. The East Bay Times reports: “Brown formally requested the declaration for the series of storms striking the state between


DEVELOPING –  An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 was reported 102 miles west of Ferndale off Northern California on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey announced. There were no immediate reports of damage. Ferndale is about 120 miles south of the Oregon border. Stay up to Date:

Democrats plan to keep voters stupid. They count on it

Stunning Wikileaks Revelation: DNC, Hillary, Worked With, Manipulated and Bullied Mainstream Media. The media and the DNC are working closely together to rig the election. If this isn’t the end of democracy, what isn’t? Wikileaks released the 20,000 emails which suggest that the DNC was in the tank for Hillary since before the primary. The

Chinese-Americans Support Trump Because He Is the Alpha Male the World Needs

Neil W. McCabe, More than two dozen Chinese-Americans for Trump “captains” met with the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee Friday morning at a private event next to the candidate’s Beverly Hills home. “He was so thrilled to see us,” said Tian “Tian-Tian” Wang, the president and founder of the group devoted to the candidacy of Donald

Trump-vs.-Clinton Race Scrambles Silicon Valley Vote

The candidates court tech heavyweights, and their social networks, too. In 2012 venture capitalist Marc Andreessen publicly abandoned the Democratic Party, announcing that he’d back Republican Mitt Romney. “I turned 40 last year, and so I figured it was time to make the switch,” he said in an interview with CNBC. He gave $100,000 to a

The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016: Accounts of œChemtrail Flu Rise

The Era of Wisdom – by Cassius Kamarampi Have you been feeling ill lately? Perhaps you feel mentally foggy, feverish, congested, or weak in the heart? Are you experiencing itchy skin? If so, you might want to carefully monitor your onset of symptoms, and see if they immediately follow aerosol spraying in the sky. It’s

Truck slams into bus carrying California high school students, at least nine killed

At least nine people were killed and 32 injured on Thursday when a tour bus carrying high school students collided with a FedEx truck in Northern California, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokeswoman said. The crash occurred after the truck driver lost control of the vehicle, crossed over a divider on Interstate 5 and then

Historic Arctic Blast Sets Eyes On U.S. West Coast This Next Week


The Weather Space An arctic blast not seen since the historic 1990 event is setting sights on the entire Western USA, which means that ares from Seattle, Portland, down into California are in for a real cold air-mass, most notable over the Pacific Northwest and threatening production along California’s I-5 farming corridor. This arctic air