Tragedy at the White House – Miriam Carey was shot to death at the hand of Capitol cops

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The alternative view:

Thursday at the White House, 34 year old female dental hygienist Miriam Carey was shot to death, riddled by multiple gunshots, as she tried to escape gun wielding thugs in the vicinity of the White House with her young daughter in the car.

miriamcarey_small1 Tragedy at the White House - Miriam Carey was shot to death at the hand of Capitol cops

Allegedly the young black democrat was suffering from some mental health and post-partum depression issues, which resulted in a death sentence at the hand of Capitol cops.  

As she drove in D.C. in the vicinity of the White House, she became confused by the traffic system and complicated security measures around the Capitol area.  She accidentally took a wrong turn and drove onto a blocked access road to the White House, guarded by a uniformed (and therefore not so secret) member of the Secret Service.

Her one year old daughter had been acting up on the drive and was screaming that she wanted to go to McDonalds. The distracted mother took the wrong turn and was immediately confronted by an aggressive guard dressed in paramilitary uniform, rushing towards her vehicle with gun drawn. With her daughter screaming in terror, Miriam swerved to avoid the guard and accidentally hit an stanchion post designed to deny vehicle access.

Panicking, and with the guard rapidly approaching her car, Miriam backed up and did a u-turn, desperate to escape.  Gripped by an irrational terror, not helped by her mental health issues, Miriam tried desperately to drive away and get her daughter to safety. She was unarmed.

At one point, her car was surrounded  by seven or eight cops, guns drawn and pointed. These men were heroes, facing down a dangerous car and unarmed mother with daughter. To Miriam, she was being threatened with imminent death, guns pointed at her; a prophecy that was soon to turn out to be true, as she drove past several officers desperate to get away, accidentally clipping one of the gun wielding thugs, thus assuring him of a good workplace injury claim.

Miriam was desperate to get away. She was panicked, she did not know what she had done wrong, but all these men were after her with guns. Finally, she was boxed in and unable to get away. She sat frozen in the drivers seat as a cop approached her car and calmly executed her with multiple gunshots through the vehicle door. He is a hero.

Her daughter, traumatized by the death of her mother in the drivers seat as well as the gunfire, was taken hostage by the authorities and will now face a life of abuse in foster care at the hands of the State.

Once it was realized that this was really just a panicked and mentally ill mother trying to get away in her terror, the Capitol Police rapidly went to work on the narrative, getting the story straight, ensuring that they could justify the use of deadly force because Miriam had driven her car at them after trying to ram her way into the White House – a place (palace?) where the man she voted for was getting ready for his next golf game. .

Remember, shoot first, ask questions latter. Don’t let the minions get close to the Emperor, or even think about doing so. Execute them.

Meanwhile after Boston got shut down by martial law and forced home invasions because a young man was hiding in a boat, and now D.C. was shut down in panic due to a young mother driving at speed with her daughter in the car, the world looks on and laughs.

Particularly Iran.


Miriam Carey, RIP.