Is The Tea Party Colorblind? And Obama, The most racially divisive president in history

Noel S. Williams,

 Despite repeated attempts in the media to portray the Tea Party as racist, their recruitment and polices actually benefit minorities.

Ironically, the MSM turns a color-blind eye towards President Obama, who may be the most racially divisive president in history.

Some Tea Party anger is racist — that was the moronic accusation from jaded political analyst Cokey Roberts on MSNBC the other day. Of course, most large organizations will have some unsavory elements, including the Democrat Party, but the Tea Party really is color blind.

ggggg_small Is The Tea Party Colorblind? And Obama, The most racially divisive president in history

Cokey’s mindset is endemic in the MSM and propagated by a narcissistic president whose temperament is tainted by racial hubris. President Obama tacitly encourages his media minions to accuse political dissenters of racism. So let’s refute these diabolical claims because the Divider-in-Chief, who promised he’d be “post-racial” and transcend race, actually descends into sordid racial politics for political expediency.

Charges of racism are the last refuge of liberal elitist bigotry. But black Tea Party members dispute racist claims, and being on the inside, they’d know better than some pundits brainwashed in the echo chamber of liberal elitism.

Actually, Tea Party demographics are rather mainstream, and more accurately reflect our societal makeup than the failing Occupy Wall Street movement. Surprisingly, more blacks support the Tea Party than Occupy Wall Street.

Two prominent Tea Partiers are Texas GOP senator Ted Cruz and Florida’s Marco Rubio — hardly part of the “White Establishment.” I’d bet my car they’re more inclusive than many limousine liberals; I’d bet my house they’re less racist than many of the Congressional Black Caucus.

During his Cruz-athon to delay Obamacare, Cruz passionately reminded us that you don’t see people boarding boats in the Florida Keys heading to Cuba. No, the traffic is all the other way — from Cuba to America.

Rubio then took to the Senate floor to provide his compatriot some support under the guise of lengthy, convoluted questions. He described how his family, who also fled from Cuba, drove around nice neighborhoods in the U.S. admiring the opulence. Instead of wallowing in envy, his parents encouraged Marco to work hard and take personal responsibility so he could participate in the American Dream.

That’s the simple key — hard work and personal initiative. In such a vast and diverse nation, we might all encounter injustice at some time — discrimination or pernicious reverse discrimination. But racism is not so systematic anymore that hard work and initiative can’t overcome the remnants of prejudice.

Most of us have profound policy disagreements with President Obama. That doesn’t make us racist any more than when we disparage Senator Harry Reid’s tactics in the continuing resolution debacle.

There’re a priori reasons to believe that Tea Partiers have, and would, overwhelmingly support black luminaries like Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, or Dr. Ben Carson for political office. Indeed, favored Tea Party presidential contenders for 2016 include the following “minorities”: Cruz, Rubio, Gov. Jindal, and Dr. Ben Carson. Now tell me earnestly that the Tea Party is not color blind!

Beyond their makeup, Tea Party policies are actually more beneficial to minorities than President Obama’s government-centric morass.

Consider the progress African-Americans have made over recent decades, and realize that Tea Party-type principles underpinned these developments. For example, protecting the voting rights of citizens; holding teachers accountable; sponsoring school choice; promoting regulatory and tax reform; disciplining the EPA; and encouraging innovation and free enterprise. All these Tea Party-endorsed positions will further these advances:

• In 1970, 1469 elected officials were black; that’s now about 10,500.

• In 1964, 26% of Blacks aged 25 + completed 4 years of high school; now much more.

• In the 2012 election, African-Americans voted at a higher rate than whites.

• With buying power over $1 trillion annually, if African-Americans were a country, they’d rank 16th.

African Americans are by far the richest and freest blacks in the world. In fact, calculations of the GNP of black America would make it one of the richest “nations” in the world.

Ironically, Obama’s big government approach and burdensome regulations have actually created wider racial disparities, particularly in unemployment. He’s imprisoned by the notion that equality is a higher value than freedom. To invoke the spirit of Alexis de Tocqueville: Tea Party principles espouse equality in liberty; Obama would rather the socialist model of equality in servitude.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior David Cohen (of Samoan descent) highlights the irony that Obama’s compulsion to forcibly “spread the wealth around,” and to create government dependency in exchange for votes is actually harming minorities.

In his epochal “I Have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King refused to believe the bank of American justice was bankrupt; indeed, he demanded payment of the promissory note from America’s vaults of opportunity.

Clearly, the vaults of opportunity in our nation are now more easily opened, with Tea Party activists passing out the combination so all, regardless of race, can share MLK’s dream. There’s no promise of equality of outcomes, but plenty of collateral backing equality of opportunity.

That opportunity is leveraged by those who get off the doll and take personal responsibility for their future; in short, by those who espouse Tea Party programs. For while government assistance can temporarily help us overcome negative cash flow, prolonged dependence on welfare retards skill development, dulls the mind and stymies motivation to meet the terms of America’s promissory notes of opportunity.

Tea Party antipathy is directed towards Obama’s socialist policies, not the person. Their predilection is for freedom, applied equally, rather than languishing in mediocre equality. His dereliction in fostering success, in celebrating the American Dream, will ensure mediocrity for all.

Now who’s racist, in practice if not in theory?