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Could Ebola virus become ‘bioterrorist threat’?

 WASHINGTON – Lawmakers and infectious disease experts are examining whether terrorists could use Ebola to deliberately infect and wreak psychological havoc on an unsuspecting population. “I do, at some level, think the government should be concerned about [weaponization], because if it does happen it could be devastating,” said Amanda Teckman, who published a detailed report, […] Read More →

White House shifts into crisis mode on Ebola response

 Rising public anxiety about the Ebola virus has forced the White House to shift into crisis mode and cancel two days of planned political events as President Barack Obama strives to show he has control over stopping the spread of the deadly disease. Just three weeks ahead of critical midterm elections, Obama is facing increased […] Read More →

Obama allies getting harder to find these days

 President Barack Obama is finding himself with few friends in Washington. His former Pentagon chief is criticizing his foreign policy. Longtime political advisers are questioning his campaign strategy. And Democrats locked in tough midterm campaigns don’t want Obama anywhere near them between now and Election Day. The disenchantment with Obama is in part a reflection […] Read More →

Secret Service director resigns under fire

 U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned under fire on Wednesday after a series of security lapses came to light that exposed gaping holes in the protective cocoon around President Barack Obama. Pierson, in her position for just 18 months, faced mounting calls from lawmakers to step down in the fallout from a September 19 […] Read More →

Syria vote isn’t last word from Congress on war

 As far as Congress is concerned, President Barack Obama’s Mideast war strategy isn’t in the clear yet. The president got what he wanted this past week when the House and Senate overwhelmingly approved arming and training moderate Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State militants. But the go-ahead is good for less than three months. And […] Read More →

Kerry Says Coalition Seeks to Decimate Islamic State

 Secretary of State John Kerry said more than 50 countries have joined the U.S. fight against Islamic State,and some coalition members are prepared to launch airstrikes in Syria against the extremist group. Kerry, who spent the past week trying to build global support against Islamic State, told U.S. lawmakers in testimony today that he expects […] Read More →

Obama Said to Seek Extra Billions for Islamic State Fight

 President Barack Obama is preparing to ask Congress to pay for a multibillion-dollar plan to expand the military campaign against Islamic State militants, according to an administration official. While the proposal hasn’t been made final and the total amount is still being calculated, it will likely be in the billions of dollars, as Pentagon officials […] Read More →

Summer break over, must-do tasks await Congress

 Summer break over and elections ahead, Congress is beginning an abbreviated September session with must-do tasks of preventing a government shutdown and extending a freeze on taxing access to the Internet. Lawmakers will find time, too, for votes conveying political messages primed for fall campaigning. Republicans who run the House may have lousy approval ratings, […] Read More →

Missouri poised to vote on 72-hour abortion wait

 Already among the leaders in abortion restrictions, Missouri could be poised to enact one of the nation’s longest mandatory waiting periods for women wanting to terminate a pregnancy. Missouri legislators are to convene Wednesday for a session devoted to veto overrides, and Republican leaders say they are confident they will overrule Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s […] Read More →

Congress’ task: Act fast on spending, return home

 Congress returns to work Monday with a basic task — act fast to keep the government open and then race home to campaign. After a five-week summer break, lawmakers face a shortened September session with a tight must-do list: Pass a temporary spending bill to fund federal departments and agencies through mid-December and extend the […] Read More →

Officials worry ISIS poses growing threat to the West

Security officials, lawmakers and analysts are raising alarm that the Islamic State terrorist organization poses a growing threat to the West that must be confronted more directly, despite the U.S. military’s success this week in breaking the group’s siege of civilians on a mountain in northern Iraq. According to U.S. intelligence officials, the Islamic State, […] Read More →